ATM Interfacing

The VSSI-Pro is designed especially for controlling loss and fraud at (ATM) Automatic Teller Machines. When connected between the modem or TCP/IP Router and ATM, it monitors the data stream and inserts the printer data from the receipt or display onto the video picture. Itís 24 programmable exceptions provide on-screen alerts, making the finding of suspicious transactions fast and simple. When used with the AVE line of DVRs transaction number, card number, T/D, ATM # and ATM location parameters can be searched locally or remotely and displayed instantly.

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TCPIP 232 Adapter standalone and under VSSI-Pro 

TCPIP232 ATM Interface is designed to capture ATM transactions on a ATM LAN system then convert captured transactions to a serial port to interface with VSSI-Pro (ATM Serial Interface) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which supports text search and text insertion like the AVE line of DVRs.

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