PiPc Picture in a Picture


The AVE Color PiPc is a state-of-the-art picture in a picture device. This unit is designed specially for the security industry. Automatic inset picture enabling or swapping the pictures full-screen can be initiated by an alarm input. Simple front panel push buttons can also turn on or off the inset picture, swap pictures and even freeze the picture. When something of interest occurs and you want to freeze it, simply press the appropriate button and the picture is held until you release it. For clarity in viewing an inset picture, a user selectable border can be enabled around the inset in white, black, green, red, blue, or none. The Color PiPc gives you two selectable inset picture sizes: 1/9th and 1/16th the size of the monitor area. Either of these size pictures can be positioned anywhere on-screen using the front panel buttons.

PiPc Front Panel

PiPc Rear Panel

The Color PiPc also allows the user to size and position the inset picture independently in both swap modes. This means you can have a 1/9th picture in the top left part of the screen with border white and when you swap pictures, the new inset might be 1/16th size in the bottom left of the picture with no border. This feature makes maximum possible use of the viewable screen for each camera. All of these parameter settings are backed up for a minimum of 90 days by a rechargeable battery.

Download the PIPc Operation Manual in PDF Format

View the PIPc Cutsheet
Video In Video In 1V P-P +/-10% Term. 75 ohms
Video Out 1V P-P Term. 75 ohms or Unterm.
Power Supply 12VDC @ 240mA
Swap Alarm In Closure to gnd
PIPc On Alarm In Closure to gnd
PIPc Border White, black, green, blue, red, or off
PIPc Sizes 1/9th or1/16th approximately
Battery Backup NiCad 90 days after charge
Resolution 6 bit
PiPc Size 1/9th 114 Pixels x 71 Lines 1/16th 84 Pixels x 53 Lines
Border Size 3 Pixels x 2 Lines
Video In/Out BNC
Power DC Coax 2.1mm x 5.5mm
Alarms Removeable Terminal Blocks

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